Pros And Cons Of Being An Editor

Entering the world of a publishing company is already a big opportunity for anyone who aspires to be an editor in the future but if given the chance to be in the position, he’ll surely take it as a blessing and a responsibility. Hence, there will always be both pros and cons for anything. Being an editor is challenging because you are kind of the captain of the ship. You take control of every content. One of its pros that will surely make your journey as an editor even more exciting is first, you’ll get to pursue and execute your dream concepts for the magazine. The decisions will all be at your hands and because of that, all your creative juices will be squeezed even more. You’ll get to come out of your shell. Secondly, you are to create more webs of connection with the other people in the industry which is somewhat required. Not only you’ll get to work with different kind of people but the fact that you have met them and you’ve learned something from them makes the experience worthy. Thirdly, you’ll be able to practice not only your writing skills but your leadership skills as well. You’ll be able to self-train yourself because you are to manage not only your work but other’s work too. To be an editor, you’ll get to represent your company in behalf of your team and by this you are more expose to other opportunities. One of the perks is certainly that there are invites and free passes on events. Lastly, to be an editor is like living your dream job because not only you are surrounded by the people you share same interests with but you’ll never feel like you’re at work since it’s any editor’s passion to write.

Consecutively, the cons of being an editor are inevitable. You represent the company. Yes, it’s a perk but perhaps can be a con because you somewhat create a public image of yourself. One of very editor’s dilemma is sometimes they think that the world revolves only on their job already. Since it’s not like 9-hour job per day because it seems like you work every minute of the day. Ideas don’t pop in our mind easily and so you have to be observant with what’s the trend so that you’ll have the gist of the public’s interest. In short, it is stressful to be a leader slash writer slash normal person and more. The time of shift in the office is very limited for a writer. Secondly, you work with different writers who have different approach and taste of a good output. It is kind of tricky when writers don’t have similarities in writing because a magazine or newspaper might not end up well. There will be writers who are kind of a newbie so you must have a lot of patience even if it takes to be a murderer of the draft articles. Thirdly, since you are the boss everyone looks up to you that is why you must meet your own standards and expectations for them to see you as their role model. Lastly, if you don’t have good adviser above from you, you’ll never know or realize some of your mistakes so make it a point that you have a mentor to guide you.

I am not a pro to give advice at such topics. All that I have shared are just based on the talks that I attended and perhaps on my little experiences on being a copy editor of our upcoming magazine for our final output on my Editorial Management class.

Every job has its own pros and cons but so what if you’re living your dreams right? You just have to deal with it and adjust to it because the cons will not adjust for you. The learning experience will help you cope up with it. To be an editor is at any writer’s bucket list no matter what it takes.

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Right thing in writing

If there’s one person who would like to be a writer slash dancer slash pastry chef slash businesswoman and so many more all at the same time that would be me.  I just want to be good at so many things but it seems like time is hindering me. I’m a frustrated writer indeed ’cause I easily get frustrated whenever I see people excelling and being active in the publishing industry as writers. (Jealousy strikes) I can’t help it but to compare my ambitious self like I’m the slowest turtle to get to my goal.

I took the opportunity to attend the back-to-back seminar of Mr. Don Jaucian, editor-in-chief of Rogue Magazine,  and Ms. Elaine Carag, editor-in-chief of Chalk Magazine, last August 19. I always find seminars with regards to writing interesting. I listed five key learnings that struck me the most,

  1. Take your confidence with you and you’re good to go.

The speakers were asked how they started and on how they got employed as a writer. They immediately answered “confidence lang”. Though they felt like it was somewhat impossible for them to get hired because they graduated in another course, they still pushed through and took the leap of faith.  They said that we just have to trust ourselves and claim that we can do anything. Confidence can make you do things you thought you can’t do. In the publishing industry, there are many competitors also so if you don’t have self-confidence to even apply for a job well you’re not going anywhere. Just go and visit the company you want to work for and try your very best to impress them. Yes, having connections are better but having none should not stop you from attempting.

  1. Start working on your portfolio.

Having a portfolio of our original published works can help us market ourselves when applying. The speakers said that we should start working on our portfolio already so that we could present something when employers wanted to see how we work.  It gives satisfaction to all our lifting-one’s-bench drama during interviews. It gives additional background of what you’ve done before, where you’ve worked before, and how you are going to perform in the future. The portfolio will be the simplest output that will testify on how good we work so better make it the best.

  1. Have a mentor.

Make sure to ask for other people’s criticism just so we have an idea on what’s the impact of our work to others. It will also help us identify our strengths, weaknesses and the things that we need to change. Have someone who will mentor us honestly and help us grow as a writer. If we have someone whom we think we’ll never satisfy with regards to our work, it will of great help for us to push ourselves to the limit.

  1. Be professional.

Don’t just send a link of our blog or published works online to the publishing company we are applying for. The guest writers said that it irritates the employers big time to receive messages from aspiring writers who lacked enough respect to not make their applying process professionally. EICs and people from the HRD don’t have all the time to browse through nonsense posts from our blogsites.  Same thing during interviews, be professional enough to come on time and bring all necessary requirements. Remember that first impression lasts.

  1. Discover your style of writing.

As we explore, we’ll get to know ourselves even more and more importantly our style of writing. We all have different characters that we want others to think of us and through writing, we get to exercise it. We’ll be known according to our works and the way we write things that’s why we need to discover what we want to portray as writers.

To sum it all up, no one’s going to help us first but ourselves only. We have to move now, write now and learn now, ergo just start now. We have a long way to go but that’s just how

Photo grabbed from The DLSU-Dasmariñas Communication and Media Society's Facebook page

Photo grabbed from The DLSU-Dasmariñas Communication and Media Society’s Facebook page


Time will come I’ll not bother to think about it. I’ll not care and think of you anymore. By that time, perhaps I have partly forgot what we had and what you’ve done and I have really moved on. There’s just a shit piece of me that wants you to be okay as well as much as I am.

I don’t know tho if you even got hurt nevertheless I want you to have a better life cause you were such an asshole and I’m saddened by the fact that I felt like I am more matured than you.

Up to now, I’m in dire need of  explanations and apology. Even though I know the answers from my questions, I just want it to come from you. I’ll accept whatever it is, let me understand.

Fiercest Executive Board


I present to you the executive board of LPNFDC for the school year 2015-2016. 👏🏻

Given the chance to be part this institutional dance company is already a life-changing experience thus to be elected for a postition for 3 consecutive years made me the person that I would never thought of I will be. To lead people is not as easy as you think it is because you are expected to be good at everything you do at all times. Yes, we all know that no one’s perfect but this shouldn’t be an excuse for all our mistakes and shortcomings.

Now that a muuuuuuch bigger opportunity was given to me, I can’t contain my mixed emotions!! It has been almost 4 months since I was elected and I’m still overwhelmed, pressured and thankful.

We can do this company!! 💃🏻 Thank you for believing in me.. 🙏🏻😁😇💋 With everything that I have gone through, my life with LPNFDC will always be the one that I’ll treasure the most. Not only my dancing abilities were improved but my personality and leadership skills were developed as well. From my seniors down to the new members, i thank and love you. Amen. ✌🏻

Don’t hesitate to communicate

Admit it. No matter how quiet, unsociable or friendless you are, you can’t stand a day not talking to anyone else simply because communicating is a substantial part of our everyday life. We are ought to communicate to learn how the story of other’s life goes on. We talk to others so that we’ll not go crazy spending more time on thinking why some tend to choose the path that we will never choose. We exchange thoughts so that we’ll know how others think. To sum it all up, we communicate in order to understand others. There will be a lot of misunderstandings and troubles if we don’t try to reach out somebody. Well, all things can all remain good with a constant good communication. I have tried and tested that simple saying about life. We will never know the side of anyone if we never try to let them speak up and be heard. Our voice is the primary thing that we only have whenever we want to influence people. When I was in my high school years, I am very vocal with all of my opinions even if sometimes I feel that some don’t get my point. That was a good lesson for me for it opened my eyes and mind to see and realize that if we do havereally good communication skills, it will be less hassle for us to impart knowledge.

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The Power of Crowd: Does it make a good journalism or bad journalism?

The term journalism can be considered an authority that plays a vital role in our society. As stated in the New World Encyclopedia, it can be interpreted in any kind of platform that can be through reports, articles, photos and video, as long as it presents a news.

We live in this world of judgemental people in the sense that we all tend to comment on things, regardless if it is positive or negative, that sometimes doesn’t really matter in our own lives. People would always react on everything even if the issues are pointless and in reality this behaviour is inescapable. We can’t stop ourselves from voicing out what we believe in for we are all raised to speak up our mind and not to be a hermit. We feel pleased whenever people support our way of thinking. Because of this, we feel that we have created a league to fight for whatever advocacy or belief we have. This can result to something that can be very influential to the society. Thus, the power of the crowd does make a good journalism. I have three reasons to back my statement up.

The first one is that the purpose of journalism explains it all. Journalists exist to gather news and information in order to have something to report to the public. According to Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel in the Elements of Journalism, the purpose of journalism is just simple for it just requires to deliver news that plays a specific role in the people’s lives. People need to be informed and advised once in a while for them to function in our society well. If spoon-feeding of news will make a better change, then journalists have to do it that is why we have different platforms in giving out information. It may be through television, radio or newspapers. The generation today are now enjoying online websites, magazines etc. that  developed over time.

The usual reaction of people whenever a new story comes out is to share it for everyone to know it as well. People can call themselves a covert journalist once they have shared something and was able to affect others like what it did to them. The power of being able to impart something meaningful to the public is nothing but just a thing that contributes to a good journalism.

Secondly, the small things that people do to spread data like the simple giving away of flyers or posters helps a lot. The power of crowd can be clearly seen on this act because the more people do this kind of act, the more people are well-informed about the different happenings. You can also observe this on social networking sites every time Twitter and/or Facebook users will recommend an article to others. There is a thinking that when something trended in the internet, it is something that everyone is expected to know that is why people put effort to keep themselves updated for them not to feel out of place. The theory of Agenda Setting by McCombs and Shaw specifically teach us how media affects the things that we have in mind and not vice versa. In real life, we are easily dominated by the things that we are exposed to. When news are reported on television, the people would easily capture the things that are significant to them and try to disseminate it as well.

My last point is that the influence of the people we are always with contributes a lot to the things that we know. All we have learned just came from the people around us. We wouldn’t know something unless someone told us or we knew it on our own from a source. People will create bridges that will serve as the channel of messages for it to spread widely.

My reasons can be sum up to three words: goal, act, influence. These words are the reasons why the power of the crowd makes a good journalism. It contributes to the goal, regardless of whatever the act of the crowd is, as long as it influence others.

What it takes to be a bad journalism? Is it when the message was not correctly spread? Or is it when a message has not reached its desired receiver of message? Or perhaps both?  But in my own perspective, I believe that the power of crowd is effective if it has affected the public whether positively or negatively.

Journalism is never a bad thing in the first place. It’s the people who just think it is bad when they let the news control their life, when they let it ruin their beliefs and also when it made them do something that is not acceptable and unpleasant. People just look for something to blame. For instance, when they have absorbed an information and it push them to spread something that will make someone put into embarrassment. They will then put the blame on the power of the crowd because it triggers the bad act when we all know that the reason of the spread is not because of the people who also got the information and got curious about it but obviously it is the person who was the spreader of the bad/wrong issue

Journalism’ only purpose is for the people to be informed whether it is something good or mischievous but of course it is a must that the message is transferred correctly to avoid misunderstandings and chaos that can be a result from a misstate information or distorted message.

The power of the crowd is actually important in a good journalism because with the ability of a group to control something in spreading a news, it is easier to influence the people. Nonetheless, to tell the truth (nothing but the truth) is the priority of all the journalists. 


This one is for my dad who just made me want to miss him so much more! That feeling of trying to be as quiet as possible whenever we talk over the phone ’cause the moment I’ll speak is also the moment I’ll burst out to tears!

Dad will always be the person who constantly reminds me of my goals in life. He would always make me feel motivated and confident about myself. I got the attitude of not giving up easily from him because he has always been a fighter of his dreams.We’re both ambitious.

This is not a “father’s day-kind-of-post” okay? It’s just that I miss him so much PERIOD

He is the kind of father that you can take to shopping (seriously) He is always willing to help me look for good clothes and stuff and take note! My dad has a really good taste huh. He even took selfies at the stores that he knows we’ll love when he first strolled at California.

He is the funniest dad ever! You’ll love my dad even more because of his humor. He knows how to bond with everyone. He entertain my friends without being KJ. 😉 He can make everyone laugh with his “sometimes” overused jokes. :p

He supports me in EVEEEERYTHING I do!! He would always want me to send pictures and videos of my dance performances and academic related activities. He usually post it on his timeline too and tell everyone of my achievements even if it’s really not too big. He trust my plans more than I do.

I will be forever thankful that God gave me such parents that never pressured me in achieving so much in school. I’ve heard so many stories regarding their parents having high expectations thus I’ve realize how it is opposite on my part. It is me who has high expectations on myself. It is me who is pressuring myself in achieving so much in school. It is me who always wants more. It is me who doesn’t want to let myself and my parents down.

My father taught me so much in life. He would always tell stories of his experiences way back when he was still at my age. He told me that he was not the smart guy back then but he thought that he was skilled enough to surpass everything so he did.

I have so much more to say about him but I am obliged to sleep early tonight for I’m already going back to my dormitory tomorrow morning. Home is never the same without you daddy.

I MISS my dad so bad 😥

I love S

I had my siesta this afternoon and woke up at around 6. I  realized that I’m alone in the bedroom so I decided to look for everyone else and look outside the window. I really thought that it was six in the morning and the sun was just about to come up so I went downstairs. It’s just funny when I saw mom laughing with my aunt. That’s when  I realized that it was just getting six in the evening and not in the morning. :O  Messed up body clock. BRRRR. I sleep at daytime perhaps because it is summer and the bed is really inviting. I’m sure everyone can relate to that except for those people who slept the whole semester like a boss.

Nothing AND no one is  depriving me to sleep. 😛 (even my mom) AHHH. SLEEEEP! I LOVE SLEEPING! 😛 I’m such a sleepyhead but I can stay up late when deadlines are approaching, I’ve mastered that.

My day has just started.




One week agenda

I have this one whole week to bum  but you know me, I can’t live without doing anything. I jotted down some things that I want to accomplish in the next 7 days so here it is! My “feeling-so artsy-fartsy” list of things to-do.things to doHopefully, I can tick off everything! The highlight of this list would probably be the quality time that I’ll be going to spend with my family and friends. Cheers to more sleep!!!!